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Frequently Asked Questions

What Utilities are included in the monthly rental fee?

Unless otherwise specified in the rental agreement, all utilities including Electric, Gas, Water, Sewage, Cable, and Telephone are the Tenant’s responsibility. In the City of Charleston, trash and recycling pickup do not require additional fees. Rental property outside of the City of Charleston may require an account and monthly charges for these services.

Do your Rental Properties allow pets?

Each rental property has a separate pet policy and various restrictions may apply. If a property allows pets, there is a non-refundable pet fee of $250 – $500, depending on the rental. Certain aggressive breeds are not allowed, as per insurance requirements. If a property is listed as “no pets” then it is safe to assume there are no exceptions to that policy.

What General Maintenance is Required by Tenants?

Tenants are expected to keep the rental property clean both inside and outside. Unless specified in the rental agreement, Tenants for all properties are responsible for pest control, changing air filters and supplying replacement batteries in smoke detectors. Tenants renting a house, townhouse or duplex are expected to maintain the lawn and grounds, as well as general maintenance such as cleaning the gutters and trimming foliage away from the house. Most other maintenance requests should be sent in writing to the Property Manager.

Do Tenants need Renter’s Insurance?

Yes – Tenants should have renter’s insurance. While the owner insures the house, items belonging to Tenants are not insured under a homeowner’s policy. Renter’s insurance will provide Tenants with coverage for their possessions should there be damage from a natural disaster, impact of fallen object, theft, fire or smoke, vandalism, or faulty plumbing, HVAC, wiring or household appliances. (Flood, earthquake and hurricanes usually require a separate policy.) If for some reason you have to find temporary housing due to a natural disaster, renter’s insurance will contribute to or pay for such housing. In addition, many policies include general liability.

What is the application process?

Application fee is $50 per applicant. Each prospective renter should submit an application on the Lois Lane Properties website. Applications are securely processed using TransUnion | SmartMove to generate a complete credit and background check. In addition, income verification, landlord references, and personal references are required.

How much is the security deposit?

Upon approval of rental application, applicant(s) must sign rental agreement within 24 hours and agrees to remit a non-refundable Reservation Fee equal to one month’s rent. At the time of possession, his reservation fee will be applied as the Security Deposit If applicant does not take possession of the property at lease commencement, such fee will be retained as liquidated damages. The security deposit for all rentals is equal to one month’s rent and is held in an Escrow Account until the end of the rental period, at which time it is returned within 30 days, less any damages, unpaid fees or necessary or cleaning expenses.

What is the cleaning policy?

Tenants are responsible for having the property professionally cleaned at the end of their rental period upon vacancy. This includes windows, baseboards, appliances (inside and out), and all surfaces. If there is carpeting in the rental, Tenants are expected to have it professionally steam cleaned.

When is Rent due and what forms of payment do you accept?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Rent received after the 5th is subject to late fees and/or possible eviction. Lois Lane Properties accepts checks, money orders, cashier’s checks and cash. We also accept electronic fund transfers (EFT) online via checking or savings account as well as wire transfers. Please note that EFT and wire transfers are subject to additional bank fees.